Hunter Valley Destination Weddings

Hunter Valley Destination Weddings is a specialised wedding planning consultancy specifically for Sydney couples wishing to get married in the stunning Hunter Valley. Our goal is to make the whole wedding planning process as easy as possible, while at the same time creating your ultimate destination wedding.

Nothing says romance more than a Hunter Valley wedding. The beautiful countryside, the amazing food and fantastic wines, all add to the charm and romance that effortlessly comes in this stunning destination wedding location.

Couples can be easily swept up in the idea of a destination wedding but planning a Hunter Valley wedding can become quite the task, even though it is only a few hours from Sydney. This is where a professional wedding planner with strong supplier contacts is worth their weight in gold.

What we have found is many of our couples are busy professionals and taking time off work to come and meet with us is not an option.  This is why we are happy to work around your busy schedule by arranging meetings in the evenings after you finish work or weekends. Hunter Valley Destination Weddings want you to enjoy your engagement period and the lead up to your wedding day. This time along with your wedding should be one of the happiest times of your life and not a stressful occasion.

Hiring Hunter Valley Destination Weddings for your wedding will mean you are hiring a professional wedding planner with strong local supplier contacts who will ensure your wedding planning process is as easy as possible for you, resulting in a stunning, flawlessly produced wedding that enhances your ideas and surpasses your expectations.

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